About Operation 9

Hi. I’m Gary, the guy behind operation 9. Located near the heart of Chicago, I share my life with my ever-wonderful wife Stephanie and our two cats, Dante and Vinnie.

During the day (and sometimes night), I’m a technologist with over a decade of industry experience distributed between project management, UI/UX design, and web development. I’ve been known to don a lot of hats, but unfortunately have yet to come across the ever-elusive landlord hat. If you’re looking for my portfolio, you’ll find it fresh from the oven over at the aptly-named 8hrs.net.

To sum it all up succinctly, “I make interesting things work in interesting ways for the benefit of interesting people.”

Some of the things I’ve produced in my spare time are:

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Finally, operation 9 does its job using Textpattern.

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